Aries April 2014 Horoscope

Aries April 2014 Horoscope prediction:

Aries, Mars is your ruling planet and will dash into your sign on the 10th. This will bring energy and a new enthusiasm. The sun gliding through your sign will team with Uranus, helping you to build some more and move on forward. But, influenced by the opposition between Mars and Uranus, you’ll need to face changes and unexpected events in your activities. Yet, you will need to check your impulses around April 16th, Curb your impatience and your temper. Luckily for Aries by this point the Mars conjunction has also passed leaving you with less of your own romantic issues to confront. This could well be a time for you to reconcile all that was wrong between you and your partner earlier in the month.

You can’t do anything practical about this, relationship conflict is just your lot this month. It might be a bit stressful or confusing. The good news for Aries is that most of the relationship conflict will fade away after April 23th, and you can begin the efforts to make amends with your partner. After april 23th, enjoy positive family relations.

You should make your own decisions on april, do not be fooled by false promises. You will need any extra cash for a rainy day. However you may be tempted this month to spend more. This month, steer clear from an Aquarius woman, she is only after what she can get from you financially.

The first couple of weeks of April 2014 will be bad for Aries. Just keep your head down and work at your job without regard for others. Once The Sun leaves Aries on April 20th you will be a lot freer to make some career progress. This is an especially good time for you to make some career decisions.

Watch out! Retrograde Venus threatens with your health problems. when handling tools, devices, machines or dangerous substances, please be careful! Beware of emotional instability and excessive nervousness might require a serious health check.