Cancer April 2014 Horoscope

Cancer April 2014 Horoscope prediction:

April 2014 for cancer is an extremely favourable. You will be highly noticed by those around you and they will look to you for advice. But do not get carried away with your success. Stop and tell yourself how proud you are of what you have accomplishments. Do not to get into any kind of unwanted conflicts with bosses or colleagues. Pluto in retrograde is something that happens every year, Pluto at opposition in cancer turns retrograde on April 13th. With such a reactive Mars, caprice and abrupt reactions might interfere with your activities between 13th to 16th. This is one event of note for Cancer in April 2014. So be careful between 13th to 16th!

Venus is preparing a pleasant period! In a couple, It will be perfect month to enjoy marital relations. If you maintain respect and faith for each other then this month will shower blossoms on to you which make your marital life enchanting. It would be quite nice month to show your affection on to each other and you will get ample time for that. If you are single, you will demonstrate a daring attitude which should allow you to make lovely encounters.

Your earnings will improve this month. You will need to know exactly where you want to go, with who and why. Otherwise, unclear situations could cause expenses. You should better treat all this cautiously!

Cancer there are four planets running through fiery Aries and your house of career that helping you to stand out. So your career prospects would be nice and good this month, promotions and salary hikes will be on the rise. It’s time you took action and fought for reaching your objectives.

Your health will require your attention at this period of time, Anxiety and worries can spoil your health, so be sure to take the help of some alternative healing therapies like meditation, reflexology, massage therapy and other naturopathy treatments. If you are obese, try to reduce your fat level as well.