Capricorn April 2014 Horoscope

Capricorn April 2014 Horoscope prediction:

The biggest event for Capricorn this month is the retrograde motion of Pluto on April 8th. No matter what, you can’t complain about lack of opportunities. Mercury and Uranus will make you take on some challenges to solve issue. If you want things won’t go wrong for you, please keep a low profile. At the end of the month, between 23th to 28th, the jupiter enters your house, you will find things turn back to the how they were previously, so make the most of your chances to make changes for the better as you are on a time scale to get things in order by month’s end.

Overall, this month will be good for marital matters, but in between due to some issues mental tensions and disturbances may come in marital life, please make sure your behaviour doesn’t generate misunderstandings with your other half, and thus try to avoid confrontations so that harmony may remain in place. You have a good feeling about someone and could get close to that person, but be careful, because you will be blowing hot and cold.

Capricorn zodiac people are known to be born with a good finance sense. This month will be a good period for investment in a financial company’s share, real estate, and wise decision can be taken based on your needs.

You have more creativity and even more luck that will be favorable opportunities and you will happen to be alert, to stand out, to make a good impression. Fate will be on your side. So you could be successful !

Avoid excesses of any kind, take prevention against lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure. Drink lots of water, protect your renal apparatus and do sports! Follow the basic health guidelines and there are necessary to maintain good health.