Libra April 2014 Horoscope

Libra April 2014 Horoscope prediction:

This month, the Libra horoscope 2014 for April forecasts that there might be some surprises as well. On the date of April 4th 2014, in Libra’s house of couples will meet Uranus, Mars, the Sun and Venus. You will have to take other people into consideration and deal with restrictions and clashes. Good communication that will favour studies and exchanges. Until April 25th 2014, when the Sun and Mars will leave Libra’s house of couples that things will come back to the initial state. Do something to restore your confidence and believe in yourself again. Give yourself a chance to think and find alliances in the future.

The planets are in favour for an exciting love life, please choose your partner wisely. Do not be hasty in choosing your partner. The Sun in Aries opposite your sign will create tension. Your love life will be top of your agenda, you will look to strengthen your relationship with he or she. Before you can make some positive moves, You will have to wait until after The Sun, Venus and Mars are no longer in opposition to Libra on April 25th.

Money predictions for Libra astrology sign that you may need to tighten up you budget this month Libra. This is not a good month to spend willy-nilly. Keep a list of spending and include small expenses. Find where you can scale back. Some of your initiatives could go against your best interests. Don’t accept anything unclear or dodgy! Wait until after April 25th and the lessening opposition to Libra that will be get better slowly.

Don’t ask for praise or get angry, Avoid any scandal, Don’t tease your colleagues. Your diligence and work will be apparent to everyone over the coming weeks. You had to be mentally strong to face adverse situations in your workplace. There may be a series of work pressures that may give you mental pressures. Just get the job done quietly as you will get more chances to impress.

April 2014 will be a delicate period where health is concerned for the Librans. Do not have excesses. You will need to eat more fruit and be cautious about your body. Alternative therapies like body massage, reflexology and yoga exercises will give you a lot of relief. You also need short breaks in which to relax!