Sagittarius April 2014 Horoscope

Sagittarius April 2014 Horoscope prediction:

On the 10th of April 2014 Aries New Moon enters your house, The steady alignments of neighboring Saturn and Pluto balanced with Jupiter at opposition with Sagittarius in Gemini lead you to a harmonious time with friends and family alike. It is the final goal that matters: believe in yourself and in your ambitions. Think things through and take your time before doing anything. Don’t put your head down and don’t hesitate to ask for advice or support if in doubt. It’s vital not to upset or alienate anyone who you may need to rely on in the coming weeks and months as Sagittarius comes under the increasing glare of an opposition Sun.

Sagittarius will be one of the most favored signs in April 2014. With the Sun and Uranus, you will be hot hot hot! If you are single, the number-one preoccupation in April 2014 will be to meet your half. And you will stand high chances to find it because Venus will make sure you have the necessary circumstances for you to meet the right person. If you already have a relationship, and it can undergo a refreshing process or experience a pleasant interval, full of harmony and fun.

Anyone appearing as a new friend in the coming weeks, you will be lured into believing a success story and want to enter to take advantage of the “riches”. Things are not what they seem; beware of pies in the sky. They will lead you into financial disappointment. Be careful!

The Sun moves into your 6th house and you are more in the mood for work. Job-seekers should have good success. There are opportunities in foreign countries or with foreign companies – foreigners in general seem helpful in your job search. If you have a job, please relationships with coworkers take on a more friendly tone as Venus encourages cooperation. If you have creative-artistic talents, now it is the time in which inspiration can bring you great success.

The Scorpio Full Moon and Eclipse on April 21th could bring a health issue to light, especially if you have been under a lot of stress. You can find positive ways to release stress and strengthen your body and mind.