Virgo May 2014 Horoscope

Virgo May 2014 Horoscope prediction:

The Virgo horoscope 2014 for May forecasts that this is a splendid period with the sun’s conjunction with Jupiter. Career and finance will improve. From mid May your focus will turn to your career and your social standing. You will be in a good shape. You will have good morale and your optimism will boost day by day, reaching the top in the last decanate of May 2014. Ultimately, at the beginning of the month you should have patience and faith in yourself and the ones around you, as you will receive favorable results towards its ending.

If you already have a relationship, this month you will need to pamper your partner. Do be cautious when speaking to your partner. You will damage your relationship if you are feisty. Bridle your impulsiveness and control your stress. You will find that you will be back on track after mid May.

Finances look good this month as well, because of Mercury’s presence. There is a nice windfall from the 16th to the 27th. It can happen through your spouse, partner or family members. Do save for the rainy day and stabilize your financial future.

Jupiter in your house of career on May 2014. This transit will last until the 7th of July. Jupiter’s influence on your career will open up opportunities and help you accomplish what you want professionally. Handle your team with caution and do avoid confrontation with other departments.

Overall health will be good. But don’t overindulge your energies in unwanted activities. You should not overwork yourself and must give the body sufficient rest. Alcohol, drugs and anything else altering vigilance should be avoided.